The Bone Collector’s Son

By R. David Stephens

From the Novel by Governor General’s Award Author, Paul Yee

The frightening thing about Chinese ghosts is you can’t tell the difference between them and living beings, and that makes life a living hell for 14-year-old Bing and his, bone collector, father as they search for a missing skull in 1907 Vancouver.  To find it, Bing has to make an alliance with the ghost world and unravel the mysteries of two deaths – one Chinese…one White.

Screenplay was optioned by Homebound Films of Vancouver.

Rights currently held by Tradewind Books.

Movin’ On

By Elaine Muldrew & R. David Stephens

Claire is in serious danger of turning into one of her own ad-campaigns. At 28 she’s on a perfect career path with a debonair boyfriend and an up-scale NY apartment when the death of her Canadian aunt pulls her back to Whistler.  As she re-connects with an old First Nations’ boyfriend and a series of back-woods characters, her perfect life unravels, and she has to decide where and with whom she really belongs.

Movin’ On is a smart, stylish, witty romantic comedy that begs to be cast with a young Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant, but unfortunately…they’re dead.

David Stephens has survived the life of a debonair boyfriend as well as a backwoods vagabond. Underneath his calm exterior lies a disturbingly conflicted poetic soul.

Elaine Muldrew’s sour and tainted view of the world and recent conversion from Scottish to North American exercise routines seasons her writing with an acrid color and pungency.

Masters of Fate

By R. David Stephens

If you’re born into the Fellowship, your task is to become an angel. 23-year-old Carlos can heal wounds with the power of his       spirit but is untested in the way of love. So the League of Fallen Angels sets up a series of trials to capture his soul and                determine the fate of nations.

Masters of Fate is an epic love story set as a metaphysical thriller that spans lifetimes and continents.

A Matter of Trust

By R. David Stephens

When a struggling Mendocino artist catches a major career break as well as the love of his life, he’s suddenly faced with the   dilemma of taking care of his demented parents who are about to screw up what little is left of their lives and his inheritance.

A Matter of Trust is a poignant, dark comedy.


By Paul Breau & R. David Stephens

“Let’s get one thing clear from the start ― every kid lies to their parents because if they knew what we were up to our lives would be over….”

That’s the first and last piece of truth you’ll hear from 14-year-old Leslie who is about to become initiated into a world where sex ‘n drugs  and stealing are the only way to rise to the top. But when her new friends rip off her older brother’s drug stash, his life is hanging by a thread, and Leslie has to find a way to make things right again.

Aces is a dark comedic clash between parents and teens who push life to its edge.

Paul Breau toured Canada for Yuk Yuk’s and was a favorite at comedy clubs and colleges across the US and the UK.                             He was featured on CBC’s alt.comedy.lounge and has appeared in various independent films.

Ice Cream Wars

By Paul Breau & R. David Stephens

Ice Cream Mogul, Roger Rogers will stop at nothing short of murdering his younger brother to combine Damon’s formula for the Fudgie-Budgie-Bar with an addictive ingredient and…

Does Roger get the formula?

Did we mention the new Fudgie-Budgie-Bar turns people into Brain-eating Zombies?

Well, now it’s up to Damon to save the world.

A screw-ball comedy a touch of romance .

The Boy Who Was Kidnapped by Owl

By R. David Stephens

Adapted from the Novel: On Potato Mountain by Bruce Fraser

While studying to be a Chilcotin shaman, 20-year-old Noah Hanlon is arrested for the murder of his wealthy, white adoptive father. Noah escapes from jail as the trial opens and begins to search for his father’s killer who could be his adoptive mother, her developer lover or a nomad, shapeshifter who may be Noah’s birth mother.

Set in the backwoods of British Columbia in the late 1950s, Noah has to rely on his developing mystical powers to save his life as well as his native land from development.

On Potato Mountain was optioned by Really, Real films of Vancouver.